Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekly Spending (9/13-9/19)

Here's how things went this week. As you can see, the car expenses were very spendy.

Monday - Lunch out with a friend to celebrate her engagement - $14 (had a gift card to cover the rest). School pictures for the boys - $24, and that was the cheapest package. M had to buy new mats for my car (they had holes in them?!! & were getting caught near the gas pedal) - $67.33. Total for Monday = $105.33

Tuesday - no spend day.

Wednesday - 50,000 mile car check up. $924.57. Yikes!

Thursday -  $16.53 at the grocery store, detailed in an earlier post.

Friday - $.28 on 2 pictures at Costco - needed these for some form for the boys preschool. $3.94 at Rite Aid - picked up some shampoo & gum. The shampoo had a rebate form attached, making it essentially free once I get the money back. $12.12 at Fred Meyer - picked up yogurt, salt, OTC medicine & a dishwasher cleaner we need. Don't know what is up with me stumbling onto all of these rebates lately, but the dishwasher cleaner also had a rebate, so it will be free as well.

Costco - $109. Here's where the money went:
$6.89 - Pam Spray
$3.45 - Garlic
$26.84 - Glass containers (trying to get rid of the plastic for food storage)
$38.41 - Meat (chicken, ground beef, salmon)
$9.04 - Dairy

Total spent for Friday - $125.34

Saturday - Trip to Target for band aids, bread for lunches, & I found two Melissa & Doug puzzles on Clearance - perfect for my nephew's Christmas presents. - $9.09

Sunday - 1 smoothie at the gym ($5.15), & childcare for both of my kids while I work out ($24). M was at the airport dropping off the inlaws. $29.19

Total for the week: $1210.05. Yikes. Not a cheap week, at all. On the positive financial side, the inlaws are now on their way home, so I'm expecting my food costs to drop fairly drastically.

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