Sunday, September 19, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

  • Monday - Lentil soup , although I made it without the sausage, because I realized mine was freezer burned & had to be tossed.
  • Tuesday - Work meeting - catered lunch.
  • Wednesday - Leftovers from business dinner on Tuesday. The place we're going has huge portions.
  • Thursday - Taco salad, fruit
  • Friday - Veggie sandwich with fruit. (My favorite is toasted wheat bread slathered with hummus, sharp cheddar, sliced tomatoes & sliced cucumber. Yum)
  • Saturday - Depending on what time time we hit the road (dropping off kids & driving to my dad's party), we may be eating out. Probably Subway or Quiznos.
  • Sunday - Chicken paninis & fruit


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