Monday, September 27, 2010

Menu Plan 9/27-10/3

We made two fabulous recipes last week, so first I'll tell you about those. I made this Spinach risotto on Friday night, & it was simple & absolutely lovely. I paired it with the balsamic chicken from this recipe Balsamic chicken & spinach salad (skipped the salad/dressing) & it was amazing. The best/easiest chicken dish I've ever made. Even my incredibly picky husband loved it.

I know that I probably am going against the grain by eating risotto as a leftover (a food purist would eat it all immediately or toss it), but my palate is not quite that discerning. I think it's fine as a leftover. Not as good as the immediately upon serving, but it works for me. :-)

  • Monday - Leftover spinach risotto
  • Tuesday - Lentil soup, from the freezer
  • Wednesday - Leftover spinach risotto
  • Thursday - Taco salad
  • Friday - Leftover grilled chicken & cucumber salad
  • Saturday - Lentil soup, from the freezer
  • Sunday - Leftover baked ziti


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