Monday, September 27, 2010

9/27 Fitness Goals - the I'm scared to admit this post

I feel like a lousy blogger, and a poor influence on others, with my eating choices & lack of exercise last week. But, I'm keeping it real, and in real life, I make mistakes, eat too much,& get caught up in work & don't exercise. That's the truth.

I'm committed to getting back on track with my healthy choices this week. I feel much better when I'm eating well & taking care of myself, & I'm going on vacation in two weeks & want to look & feel my best.

Weight - 162. Gulp. to be fair, I had a very late dinner last night, so I'm hoping to see a huge jump down tomorrow.

  • 2 small pieces of cheese - 50. I was not feeling well & went back to bed & woke up around 11:30.
  • Nectarine - 80
  • Spinach risotto - 300
  • 10 almonds - 80
  • 1 light beer - 99
  • 1 taco on a small tortilla, 1 mini taco salad - 500
Total = 1109
Fruits/Vegetables = 1/2

30 minute walk. Feeling really weak today, but did manage to get out & enjoy some fall sunshine.

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  1. keep going!! I know what it is like to take one step forward and two steps back. remember, your in-house "help" aka inlaws just left and I'm sure that is an adjustment for you and your family. Just try and keep moving foward - that is what I do!!