Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Garden roundup - the fall edition

I believe yesterday was the last day of summer, which means we're on to the fall garden update. I'm excited to report that my tomatoes are finally, finally ripening in volume. We're probably getting about 5-6 ripe tomatoes/day, which is pretty impressive given the extremely lazy sun we've had. We've been making lots of Greek salad from the tomatoes & few remaining cucumbers, and enjoying tomatoes on just about every thing we eat. Luckily for us, our kids love tomatoes.

We have one cucumber left on the vine, that I think we can pick tomorrow. In the plans for next year, I plan to plant at least 6 times the number of cucumber plants. They required zero maintenance, produced extremely well, & my kids loved them. What more could you want? :-)

We also have a ton of ripe grapes - enough that my kids are eating them every day for their lunches, & we're picking one bunch at a time. We probably will have about 10+ lbs of green grapes by the end of the harvest.

We also have boatloads of radishes, peppers, & basil. Still undetermined what we're doing with all of that. The peppers that my father-in-law pickled a few weeks ago should be ready to eat soon, so we're looking forward to trying them out.

I did try to make squash bread & it was a bust. Not sure if I used the wrong variety, or something else went wrong, but it was nearly inedible.

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