Monday, September 27, 2010

Ambitions for the week - 9/27-10/3

I'm still in recovery mode after my tragically unproductive week last week. I'm going to keep things pretty basic.

  1. 5 workouts this week.
  2. Blog regularly.
  3. Pick all produce left on the plants, & either immediately use it, or put it up. Still need to find pine nuts so I can make pesto with the basil.
  4. Spend $100 or less on food.
  5. Do a little writing (non-blog), to get back into the habit.
  6. 1500 calories a day or less. I really need to hit this target, as last week was a wreck.
  7. Start planning for my vacation & create a packing list.
  8. Stress less about work - hoping to use pilates or yoga to do this.
  9. Attend one group fitness class at my gym.

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