Wednesday, September 22, 2010

9/22 Fitness Goals

Today sucked. I'm feeling heavy & icky after yesterday's eating. It was very interesting to note how my body was feeling after the two heavy meals I ate. I don't like the way it feels & I far prefer the lighter/healthier feeling I get after eating well. All I can do is push on & move forward.

Weight - 158.4 :-(

  • coffee with milk - 20
  • oatmeal - 160
  • Granola bar - 160
Lunch: (had to go out to lunch for work on very short notice)
  • Restaurant: turkey sandwich, chips, soup - 800? I hate trying to estimate restaurant calories. :-(. Subtotal = 1140
Roasted veggies & 3 granola bars - 600 :-(

Total = 174
Fruits/Veggies - 0/2
No Workout.

Slight recap note. I finally understand why people enjoy eating a healthy diet. I've never quite understood the skinny people who ate an extremely well-balanced diet - if you're not trying to lose weight, why not splurge? I think my complete derailment was highly educational. It's because *drumroll*, it feels great to eat well. Your body feels lighter, you have more energy, no sugar/carb crashes. And, the opposite occurs when you have big splurge days. Interesting.

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