Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Gap is Back

I promised myself that I could take part of my bonus money & buy a few things for my upcoming vacation, and/or for work, so today I headed to the mall for a little much appreciated indulgence.

My limit was $300, and I need to take a few things back, but I spent under that. Will update with the complete total soon, but I'm thinking I spent about $125.

I just want to send a major shout out (I promise, they didn't pay me or incent me in any way to say this) to The Gap. Their new Black Really Skinny pants are amazing. And, you know the full scoop on my size & weight, so you know I'm not a skinny girl. :-)

Seriously, check these out. I also picked up a cheap black tshirt that's cute & casual, & a summery black dress that was on clearance. M thought it was too big, so I may try to exchange it for a smaller size when I return my other stuff.

I also bought this dress from Ann Taylor Loft, but M isn't digging it, so it's going back.

Happy bonus day to me! :-)

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