Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I am excited to ring in 2011. :-)

I finished updating my tickers (on the right), so the numbers should all be current as of now. My finaly 401K loan payment of the year was finally applied, so I was able to calculate our net worth, which as of right now is around $790K. I'm looking forward to paying off our 401K loans in 2011, losing the rest of the weight I need to lose, & continuing my efforts to get/stay organized & work on small projects around the house that improve our living space.

Enjoy your New Year's Day!


  1. GREAT numbers. Proof positive that even when things look pretty good overall that it's still vitally important -- if not more so -- to track those numbers. KEEP IT UP.

  2. Budgets - thank so much. I get questions & comments some time from coworkers asking why I bring my lunch, etc. I think it's pretty basic - you spend your money on the things that are important to you. For us, that's living in a good school district (expensive housing!), being able to do fun activities with our kids, & a few other things. I'm willing to bring my lunch & not replace my car, not shop, etc if it means I can do the things I enjoy with my family.
    The more money you have, the easier it is to stop caring about all of your monthly expenses that add up, & the more expectations people put on you to spend.