Thursday, January 27, 2011

1/27 - Fitness & Nutrition

Weight = 157.6. Finally. :-) Yesterday was easily one of the scariest in my life. I got a call in the afternoon that S (my oldest child) had fallen five feet onto the ground from playground equipment & couldn't move. When I got there, he was in a heap on the ground, with teachers surrounding him. I can't express in words how terrifying that was. He went by ambulance to the hospital & we were there for 5+ hours while they checked him out. Thank God - he is okay. Swollen & sore, but no serious damage. I am so very grateful for the health of my family today. I kept myself together very well yesterday (I had to - my youngest son was freaked out enough for everyone), but I am *very* emotional today.

  • muffin +grapes - 200
  • cheese - 100
  • coffee with milk - 20
Lunch (Panera)
  • soup & salad - 510
  • chocolate gold fish - 150
  • 2 pc candy - 30
  • crackers - 150. Apparently, crackers are my go to comfort food. :-)
  • 1 piece pizza - 300

Total = 1460
No workout. My day was filled with putting our house together & taking care of a recovering boy, doctor's appointments, etc.

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