Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekly Spending Wrap Up

My goal for 2011 is to keep my monthly flexible spending (i.e. what I charge on my credit card & includes: groceries, dining out, gifts, clothes, lessons for the kids, etc) to $1750/month. This nets out to around $58/day, which is pretty eye opening. I am regularly overspending the $1750/month, so I need to start keeping a close eye on this figure. Keeping the monthly spending in check is a critical part of paying off my 401K loan in 2011.

Monday - today was a spendy day - M & I both had the day off & the kids were back to school, so we had a date day. We did, however, have a fabulous time!
  • $489 - season ski pass. (I have lessons all season, so it was cheaper to buy a season pass today)
  • $2.50 - vitamin water
  • $7 - Carter's. I returned a few pair of extra pajamas the boys got for Christmas & picked up 2 pair of pants, 2 hoodies, a fleece, and 2 long-sleeved shirts. The $7 was my out of pocket after the pajama credit.
  • +$30 - we hit the casino after our skiing & shopping & I made $30 in five minutes on the penny slots while I was waiting for M to cash out. He made substantially more than me, but I won't get into that here. ;-) He has his own account for spending money, which I don't track.
Total spend for Monday = $468.50 (after taking into account my winnings)

Tuesday - no spend day, which I desperately needed after Monday :-)

  • $101.27 - Costco. This included produce, yogurt, coffee ($17), & handwarmers for skiing ($16).
  • $1.99 for trail mix. My office is being moved & the box with my snacks is still on the moving truck. I caved & went to the coffee bar for a snack.
  • +$.21 - the previous occupant of my office left $.21 in change scattered on the floor & apparently couldn't be bothered to pick that (plus tons of junk) off the floor.
Total spent for Thursday = $1.78

  • $5.24 at the grocery store. I picked up a zucchini to add to the 1/2 I had at home, & made zucchini muffins for breakfast. I also got mushrooms for tomorrow's dinner, as well as sandwich bread for the boys lunches next week.
  • $1.55 at Rite Aid. I had a $20 off reward, so I used it to buy a few healthy snacks for my office (I bought 4 boxes of Special K bars, & 2 boxes of Special K protein water mix). I also got a $5 reward for next time. Looking back, I wish I would have used the reward for toiletries, as I'm really trying to cut processed food out of my diet. I was in a rush, & ended up with this. Win some/lose some.
Total spent for Friday = $6.79

  • $34 - hair cuts for the kids.
  • $3.98 - bread store. I discovered a bread outlet close to my house, & the prices are about 1/3 of Costco. I picked up 24 english muffins & a dozen mini whole wheat bagels for just under $4. A great deal.
  • $55 - gas
Total spent for Saturday = $92.98

No spend day

Total spend for the week = $671.32. This week was unusual with the large ski pass purchase (the money is saved & this was a planned expense), but I have a feeling that if I track every week, every week will have some sort of miscellaneous & random expense. Tracking our spending this way has been very eye opening. Daily spend per day was $95.90, or roughly double of what I need to hit daily to achieve our monthly goals. :-( I'm going to need to have a super cheap week next week to average out to the right amount for the month.

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