Saturday, January 1, 2011

First reflection of 2011

I am thinking: that I'm happy that I'm sending M off to ski tomorrow & I'm going to take the boys to a few fun activities. He's a wonderful guy, & I love being able to give him a break.
I am reading: "Crossfire" on my new Kindle - still!
I am wearing: my new black Victoria's Secret yoga pants (Christmas gift), a blank tshirt, and a black fleece. I am grateful for: our health. A dear family friend passed away yesterday, and it puts everything in perspective.
I am looking foward to: my day with my boys tomorrow - and my massage!
I am going: to take the boys to the gym tomorrow while I have a massage (my reward for not buying myself any shoes, clothes, or makeup in December!), and then I'm taking them to see Tangled.
I am happy with: my new haircut.
I love: my husband. He's a rock star.
The week ahead: My baby (i.e. my 3, almost 4 year old's) first movie! I'm taking him to see Tangled.

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