Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 2 - Progress against January Goals

How did I do against my January goals this week? Let's take a look! All up, I'm pleased with my progress. There are a few areas where I can improve, but I'm enjoying the month & the progress being made. In addition, I've lost 4.2 lbs in 2 weeks, which is awesome. :-)

1) No shopping for clothes, shoes, or makeup for myself. Also, no shopping for the kids unless I've already checked their closets & it's something they need (no impulse shopping). Doing a great job on this one! The temptation has been easier to resist since I no longer read the sale emails, look at the catalogs, or go to the mall. :-)
2) Keep variable monthly expenses to $1750. - This one was hard to track this month, as we began the challenge on 1/1, but the credit card billing cycle was already half over. So far, we're doing a great job keeping our variable spending in check, so I'm pleased.
3) Save all extra money in my 401K payoff fund. By the end of January, have $3500 in my 401K snowball fund. - Not sure what my master plan was to come up with this $3500. ;-) I'm snowballing all of my extra money, but certainly not the $1K necessary to get me to $3500 in my account. I have a few things coming up like my flexible spending funds, so that may push me over if they are deposited in time.
4) Log 400 minutes of cardio workouts in January. This should be easy with my ski lessons. - I'm well above my target pacing, with the month half over I'm at 326 minutes & I'm skiing on Sunday & will probably complete my January goal then. I'll need to grow this goal so I can keep up the motivation!
5) Log 150 minutes of strength training in January. I'm behind on progress on this one - I'm at 53 minutes, so about 1/3 of the way to my goal.
6) Log 100 minutes of stretching in January. - I'm a little behind my progress on this goal. I've logged 30 minutes, so I'm only 1/3 of the way there, & the month is half over. Need to step it up.
7) Organize the master bathroom, including going through/cleaning out all of my makeup, hair products, toiletries, etc. - Done! I'm now working on organizing my jewelry armoire, as I have a ton of stuff I don't wear, plus other random things have made there way into the armoire. Time to clean it out.
8) Have one date with M. - M & I are having a date night tonight!
9) Get together with two friends. - I had lunch with a friend yesterday, so I'm half way there. I have plans for lunch next week with another friend.
10) Create a list of 10 favorite meals. Exceeded - we have 12 so far.
11) Complete a 2010 family photo album. Haven't started. This week has been crazy with the new job  + getting the boys birthday parties arranged, & doing some travel planning for family. Maybe next week?
12) Read two books. Achieved. I've read 4 books this month, & I'm half way through a fifth book.
13) Only buy lunch 1x this month. - So far so good. Haven't bought lunch yet, & the month is 1/2 over.
14) Track all spending. - So far so good.
15) Have 8 no spend days this month.  - I added this goal last week, but I'm at 6/8, so 75%. Having this goal has really helped me keep my spending in check.

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