Monday, January 31, 2011

January Goal Wrap Up

I am very pleased with my goal achievement in January. Overall, things look good! In addition to the goals listed below, I've lost 6.2 lbs this month. Woo! I'll aslo be updating my side bars at the end of the day, when I can pull the financials.

1) No shopping for clothes, shoes, or makeup for myself. Also, no shopping for the kids unless I've already checked their closets & it's something they need (no impulse shopping). - Achieved!

2) Keep variable monthly expenses to $1750. - Achieved! My variable exepnses for the month were $1394.19, so I spent 80% of what I expected.

3) Save all extra money in my 401K payoff fund. By the end of January, have $3500 in my 401K snowball fund. - Achieved! I now have a little over $10K in that account, so I blew that goal out of the water. I did this by refiguring my budget, lowering expenses in a variety of categories, and stepping up my Craig's List, Ebay, used book stores, etc. To be fair, the refiguring my budget to allocate a higher percentage of my investment account to this payoff was by far the biggest advantage this month. 

4) Log 400 minutes of cardio workouts in January. This should be easy with my ski lessons.-  Achieved! I completed 662 minutes of cardio in January.

5) Log 150 minutes of strength training in January. Fail. :-( I only completed 88 minutes of strength training in January. Not sure if it's the goal that's out of whack (for example, skiing is great for building muscle strength, but I only count it as cardio - it's hard to break the workouts into just one category), or just a lack of motivation on my part. A little of both, I think. I really need to step this up in February.

6) Log 100 minutes of stretching in January. Fail. I only completed 40 minutes of stretching in January. I had originally planned to take pilates or yoga classes, & it never happened. This needs to get kicked into gear in February.

7) Organize the master bathroom, including going through/cleaning out all of my makeup, hair products, toiletries, etc. - Achieved! I also managed to get the boys bathroom cleaned & organized, & as well as our dining room. To be totally honest with you all, there was only one piece of furniture (a china hutch) in our dining room, so that was a piece of cake. :-))

8) Have one date with M. - Achieved! We not only had a date "day" when both of us were off of work, but we also did an evening date in January.
9) Get together with two friends. Achieved. I had three lunches with friends.

10) Create a list of 10 favorite meals. Achieved. I actually have 12 meals on the list right now.

11) Complete a 2010 family photo album. Fail. Did even start on this.

12) Read two books. Achieved! I read 5 books this month.

13) Only buy lunch 1x this month.- Fail. I bought lunch this month 4 times. This was my first time tracking this, so I need to figure out some improvements in February.

14) Track all spending. Achieved!

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