Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Goals for January

In order for me to be successful with my 2011 goals, I need to break them down into smaller tasks & track them monthly. Here's the plan for January.

1) No shopping for clothes, shoes, or makeup for myself. Also, no shopping for the kids unless I've already checked their closets & it's something they need (no impulse shopping).
2) Keep variable monthly expenses to $1750.
3) Save all extra money in my 401K payoff fund. By the end of January, have $3500 in my 401K snowball fund.
4) Log 400 minutes of cardio workouts in January. This should be easy with my ski lessons.
5) Log 150 minutes of strength training in January.
6) Log 100 minutes of stretching in January.
7) Organize the master bathroom, including going through/cleaning out all of my makeup, hair products, toiletries, etc.
8) Have one date with M.
9) Get together with two friends.
10) Create a list of 10 favorite meals.
11) Complete a 2010 family photo album.
12) Read two books.
13) Only buy lunch 1x this month.
14) Track all spending.


  1. Girl - those are pretty large ambitious goals.
    I just posted my 2011 goals and boy, my whole entire list is the same as your Jan. list :)

    P.S. I'm still knee deep in the weight loss battle - trying to lose my baby weight. I tell ya, eating is the key for me. It is killing me to cut calories, but that is the only way I see results as working out is not a huge task for me. Not that you asked me or anything, but I bet if you cut your calories a bit more (like 200 cals/day - so go down to 1400 day) you would see huge results!

  2. I'm such a goal person! I create a lot, knowing that I won't achieve all of them, but enjoying the progess is a huge help - even if it's not 100% complete.

    I so hear you on the calories, & I think my issue is consistency! If I can average 1500 (1400 even better)/day every day, I lose. I tend to be good & then slip, good & then slip, which is the cycle I need to break. Good lucky on your goals as well, and thanks for the comment! Always nice to hear from someone else :-)