Thursday, December 30, 2010

12/30 - Reflections

I am thinking: how happy I am that I haven't bought myself any clothes, shoes or makeup for the entire month of December. This is one of my 2011 goals, & I've kicked it off a month early. :-)
I am reading: "Crossfire" on my new Kindle! Thanks, M, for the fabulous Christmas gift. :-)
I am wearing: Gap skinny jeans, a tank top, & a cranberry colored sweater.
I am grateful for: my adorable kids. They are a lot of work, but fun just the same. ;-)
I am looking foward to: my massage on Sunday & my date day with M on Monday. We're going to run a couple of errands but mostly just have fun together!
I am going: to dinner at a friends house. We're bringing the boys & exchanging gifts with her family. I haven't seen my friend in months, so super excited to catch up.
I am happy with: my life.
I love: my new Kindle!
The week ahead: more work getting ready to switch jobs, a little in house NYE party tomorrow, a massage on Sunday,& organizing my bathroom, as one of my 2011 goals. Do I know how to party, or what? ;-)

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