Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Goal Wrap Up

It's that time of year to recap my 2010 goals & progress, and hopefully set even better goals for 2011! If you have a goals wrap up post, please link to it in the comments. I love reading how others are doing.
  1. Make an extra $500. I'll be snowballing this money into my 401K loan payoff savings account. (Reminder, I can't pay it off until I have the full amount). - Achieved! I currently have $2146 in my snowball account. This money came from a variety of sources, but I feel good about this amount.
  2. Stick to my Christmas budget. I currently have $970 that I have allocated, but I'm fine as long as I don't exceed $1200, as I know there are things that will come up over the holidays. I do not have a special Christmas savings account, as I use my last few paychecks of the year to cover this. Specifically, my last few paychecks do not include a 401K deduction, as I'll be maxed out by then. The money that normally gets deducted for the 401K gets saved for the holidays. I'm hoping to be maxed out by 10/15. - Achieved. I spent right at $900 on the holiday, & my official goal was $1200. Woo! I think I can even bring this lower next year. I am very pleased with our restraint this holiday, & it was exactly how I had hoped - relaxing, enjoyable, less of a holiday scramble. I told M this week that it was the best holiday I've ever had. Gifts are not what makes the holidays enjoyable - it's spending time with my family, creating memories and traditions with my kids, & having enough time to step back and enjoy the season. Well done! :-)
  3. Complete a 5K run. I'm slowly working on increasing my running time & distance. Ideally, I'd love to complete a race, but I'd be okay with doing a personal run of 5K between now & the end of the year (if I can't find a local race that works with my schedule). - Fail. :-( I briefly got into running but took a nasty spill on a trail and that, combined with the weather change in fall, ended my running. This goal will reappear in 2011.
  4. Learn to make bread. I want to try the "5 minutes a day" artisan bread thing. Yeast makes me nervous.-  Fail. I tried to make english muffins once this year & they were an utter disaster. I'd love to get into the artisan bread, but time is limited. We shall see.
  5. Try pilates again. I love pilates, but haven't done any for the entire year. I have a DVD I enjoy, and my gym offers free pilates classes. - This goal wasn't very specific. I did, in fact, do pilates several times in 2010, but I'm not sure that was the original spirit of the goal. ;-) I'd like to sign up for a class next year, as I'm switching offices and I will be much closer to the gym.
  6. Make a family photo album. I actually just finished one as a gift for my mother-in-law, & would love to make a 2010 year in recap album for our family. Otherwise, digital images do nothing in our house, other than linger on our computers. - Fail. I really want to make digital albums, so I'll keep this for next year.
  7. Save/pay $5000 toward my 401K loan. See #1 - I can't pay more than the monthly payments, so I'll make those on time & then save the remainder in my snowball amount. - I accomplished this goal & after the last payment is made on 12/31, I will have paid off more than $7000 on this loan. .
  8. Log 150 workouts for the year. (In 2009, I had a goal of 100 workouts, which I hit). As of today, I'm at 91 workouts for the year. - I'm going to close the year at 139 workouts. Although this is a technical fail, I feel good about hitting 92.6% of my goal. I knew this would be a stretch goal, so I feel really good about how close I came. :-)
  9. Lose 50 lbs. I've worked hard & lost 21.2 lbs since January 1. 50 might be aggressive in the next few months, but I'm pushing on! - I am currently at 161.6, and started the year at 180, so I lost a total of 19.4 lbs for the year. It's short of my 50 lb goal, & I really slowed down/started to regain in the second half of the year. Luckily, I've turned things around & I'm heading in the right direction again.
  10. Hit $300K in our combined retirement accounts. M & I each have a 401K account & I have a random IRA out there. We're currently at $286K. We'll see if the markets cooperate & our end remaining contributions get us there. - Acheived. We blew this one out of the water and are currently at $357K. Yeah!
  11. Learn to speak Farsi. I'd love to surprise M & learn his native tongue. It would be especially helpful for family visits. :-) - I've made no progress on this goal, so fail.

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