Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekly Spending Update

I'd like to get back in the habit of doing weekly spending updates, as they make me more accountable!

Monday - no spend day. Finally. :-)

Tuesday - Costco - $74.54. Three bottles of wine + normal groceries/produce. Met a friend for dinner, but she picked up the bill. I'll treat next time.
Wednesday - Treated a coworker to lunch as a thank you present. $73.80. Safeway - $88.05 on groceries. Total for the day =  $161.85

Thursday - $38.31 - bought a Christmas gift. I'll be getting reimbursed $30 for this item. Ice cream cone - $1.10. :-) . Total for the day = $39.41

Friday - $4.77 - thank you cards & grapes. Overnight hotel stay with sister + our kids. Used a gift card I purchased earlier in the year.
Saturday - $35 - Starbucks for breakfast for six. $30 pizza for dinner. Total for the day = $65.

Sunday - $92.30 - grocery store. This is a combination of groceries, presents, and a very expensive hair product that I've been looking for for several months.  Let's hope it works, because it was a fortune! $80.18 at costco - $43.75 of that was for holiday stamps. We'll use about 1/2 to mail our holiday cards, & the rest of the stamps last for months. We're not big letter mailers. $10 refund at Target, but then spent $61.92. Christmas presents & one household item. Kohl's (Christmas presents) - $22.97. The good news is, that I think I'm done with my Christmas shopping! I'll post a separate recap on the damage for the holidays. :-). Total for the day = $257.37

Total for the week = $602.94. Yikes! It's definitely more than usual, but I have an expensive meal out in there, as well as Christmas gifts. I'm done with my Christmas shopping, so I'm hoping to have a very inexpensive week next time. :-)

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