Thursday, December 16, 2010

12/16 - Random Thoughts

I am thinking: that the "sleigh" (the car) is packed & that I am so, so, so very excited about my massage tomorrow. :-)
I am reading: a new book, but it's packed for my trip & I can't remember the title. Is it wrong to bring 8 books on a 6 day vacation? When 2 of those days involve the holidays & one involves a family birthday party? Overreaching a bit, perhaps? :-)
I am wearing: Seven dojo jeans, & a grey H&M sweater. I paired it at work with gray sparkly flats & a red wool JCrew blazer.
I am grateful for: my lovely family. Even when M annoys me, I know that I am a lucky woman. We have a wonderful life & I am grateful.
I am looking foward to: the weekend with the family, our trip to the beach, & the holidays with my boys!!
I am going: have a massage tomorrow. Swoon. Then, to the Oregon coast this weekend. Can't wait!
I am happy with: staying reasonably healthy during the holidays. I usually abandon my goals between Thanksgiving & New Years & while the food choices haven't exactly been enough to knock the socks off a nutritionist, it's such an improvement over my usual full scale blow out. Small steps. :-)
I love: the things a three year old will say. Last night in the car, "Mommy, tomorrow Daddy &I are going to fly to Las Megas. (Las Vegas). Then we're going to hit the pool." Seriously - where do they come up with this stuff. LOVE it!
The week ahead: picking the boys up early tomorrow, and headed to Portland for a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Staying the night at the fam's house, & then headed to the ocean on Saturday night. Looking super forward to the family getaway.

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