Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Recipe summaries for the week

This week I tried a couple of new recipes, & wanted to share the results. First up, was an Oven Chicken Risotto recipe. I'm a huge risotto fan, so I was definitely interested in trying out a risotto recipe that wouldn't require a bunch of stirring over the phone. This recipe was extremely simple & fabulous. I wouldn't describe it as particularly cheap, however, as fresh mozzarella is generally spendy - but worth it. :-) I bought the rotisserie chicken at Costco (used 1/2 for this recipe, and 1/2 for the second recipe that I've described below), as well as the mozzarella & grape tomatoes. I'll use the leftover mozzarella & tomatoes for a balsamic salad at New Year's Eve, and finish off the rest of the mozzarella as a caprese appetizer. Yum! I can't wait to make this again witha variety of risotto ingredients. I have quite a few risotto recipes that I like, and I think the recipe will be flexible enough to experiment with different flavors.
(Image from Cooking Light)

The second recipe was much less successful - Couscous salad with chicken and chopped vegetables. I was hopeful that this recipe would be a winner, because it had so many wonderful vegetables in it. I also used the other half of my rotisserie chicken (from above) in the recipe, which added to the appeal. However, I found it bland and very unappetizing looking. I'm chilling it for lunch tomorrow & hope I'll enjoy it more as a cold dish. M suggested pulling the chicken out, changing the dressing, & serving it as a side dish. Basically, changing everything. ;-) I think I will keep looking for a better couscous/vegetable recipe.If you have one, please share!

It should be noted that my dish looked nothing liked the picture in the recipe.
Image from Cooking Light

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