Wednesday, December 29, 2010

12/29 - Reflections

I am thinking: how happy I am that I have been working out this week. I'm feeling sore, but in a "good sore" kind of way.
I am reading: Fitness magazine, and a bunch of blogs. Also, "Crossfire" on my new Kindle! Thanks, M, for the fabulous Christmas gift. :-)
I am wearing: black yoga pants, a black & white striped tank top, & a long black sweater. This is my typical "at home, meal preparation look". I also wore: a separate outfit to the gym today, & jeans + the sweater & tank top to run errands.
I am grateful for: spending all of this time with my kids over the past few weeks. They've driven me a bit crazy here & there, but they are a hoot.
I am looking foward to: my massage on Sunday & my date day with M on Monday. Our offices are closed & the boys are back at school. Our one vacation day that we can spend together doing anything we want. I'm estatic!
I am going: to a friends house for dinner tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing her - it's been several months.
I am happy with: staying reasonably healthy during the holidays (today excluded). I usually abandon my goals between Thanksgiving & New Years.
I love: my life.
The week ahead: prep work for switching jobs, a New Year's Eve party with my parents, a dinner party with friends, a massage, lots of time at the gym, my date day with M, & then back to work.

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