Monday, December 13, 2010

12/13 - Reflections

I am thinking: how happy I am that I got a job offer! I will be setting up my transition tomorrow with my existing manager, but I am thrilled for the change. And the excitement of a new team. :-)
I am reading: Fitness magazine, and a bunch of blogs. I did, however, go to the library tonight with my little guy to pick up more books for all of us.
I am wearing: black yoga pants, and a black hoodie. This is my typical "at home, meal preparation look". To be fair, I wore a black pencil skirt, shooties, black tights, & a purple sweater to work today.
I am grateful for: finally starting to feel a little bit better. Unfortunately, it looks like M is starting to come down with the same cold.
I am looking foward to: the weekend with the family, & our trip to the beach!
I am going: to the Oregon coast this weekend. Can't wait!
I am happy with: staying reasonably healthy during the holidays. I usually abandon my goals between Thanksgiving & New Years.
I love: snuggling with my kids. They are still young enough to let me get away with it. And, a cold glass of sauvignon blanc. :-)
The week ahead: lots of work, and then vacation starting on Friday! A birthday party at Chuck E Cheese, and heading to the ocean.

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