Monday, December 6, 2010

November Financial Updates

I haven't been tracking my monthly increases & decreases as closely as I would like, but I can give a quick net worth update.

We closed out September with a net worth of $628,009. I just ran the numbers for November, and our net worth is now $773,712 - a net gain of $145,703. This is huge progress for us, & I can mostly attribute it to overall gains in the stock market, which impacts our retirement accounts, as well as our company stock. Together, M & I have a little over $350K in retirement savings, and have steadily worked to pay down our liabilities. As we pay off our 401K loans, it's a double win - it reduces our liabilities in the form of debt, & the money is automatically reinvested in our retirement accounts. I would love to see us hit a net worth by the end of 2011 of $900K, which I think is reasonable with paying off our 401K loans, staying on target with additional payments for our properties, and keeping our spending under control.

ETA: I forgot to mention that I bought two more "units" for my youngest son's GET account. We generally put money in their college accounts as part of their Christmas gifts, & the price is going up, so I thought it was easier to do it now.

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