Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekly spending (1/31-2/6)

My goal for 2011 is to keep my monthly flexible spending (i.e. what I charge on my credit card & includes: groceries, dining out, gifts, clothes, lessons for the kids, etc) to $1750/month. This nets out to around $58/day, which is pretty eye opening. I am regularly overspending the $1750/month, so I need to start keeping a close eye on this figure. Keeping the monthly spending in check is a critical part of paying off my 401K loan in 2011.

- $1.50 on a bottled water at work. I forgot my aluminum canteen, and can't survive without water during the day. I'll refill this one multiple times today & bring my trusty one from home tomorrow.
-$1.99 on yogurt covered pretzels
+$8.72 - returned some party stuff that I didn't need.
-$14.11 - picked up more sale Vitamin water at Target (buy 8, get 4 free) + bread & peanut butter for lunches.
Total spent on Monday = $8.88

- $15.00 at Rite Aid on some snacks. I'm continuing to build my supply of snacks (something we don't normally purchase) for a few parties we are having, items I need to supply for school events, & lunches for skiing for my son. I also received $11 back in UP rewards, so I purchased 8 items for $4, after the rebate. I may go back to get more - a great deal for things like trail mix, etc!
-$98.65 at Costco. Mostly groceries, but $34 for a duffel bag. The rest was the typical array of food: milk, eggs, produce, and a few items to make this dip for Sunday.
Total spend for Tuesday = $113.65

-$10.25 at Rite Aid for more snacks & contact solution. I will be getting an $8 rebate, & I received $2 in UP rewards, so I basically paid $.25 for 10 bags of trail mix, chex mix, chips & contact solution.

-$8.00 for lunch with a friend.
+$2.00 - refund on a gift card with a very small balance on it.

Total spend for Thursday = $6.00

No spend day. Finally. :-)

-$351 for 4 months worth of soccer classes (x2 kids)
-$160.08 at Costco for yard stuff (fertilizer, etc) & a few groceries for a party we're having next weekend. And batteries.
-$14.48 at the dry cleaner. M has to wear suits regularly for work.
-$3.29 for tortillas at the outlet bakery
-$96.76 at the grocery store. Stocking up on beer for a party we're having, and also got both birthday presents for my sons. They have birthdays one month apart & they are almost here. :-)
-$31.87 at Harry & David. Had a huge coupon & wanted to stock up on some favorites. I got $95 worth of items for that price, so it was a steal.
- $950 Valentine's Day present for M. Note that this is 25x what I would normally spend, but there was something very specific that the wanted - a replacement wedding band.
Total spend for Saturday = $1607.48. Gulp.

-$4.34 for coffee/hot chocolate at McDonald's, on the way home from our ill fated ski trip. Groan.

Holy smokes. Spendiest week ever. The boys activities are budgeted for, but happen only quarterly, so that's accounted for. My gift budget is blown by the VDay present, but I have the money in my savings account.

Total spend for the week = $1740.52. Average spend/day = $248.65. :-(

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