Friday, February 25, 2011

I broke my shopping pact

I was at the gym today, all psyched for my big run (I know - 5K - I'm embarassing myself :-)), and I check in my gym bag & . . . I forgot my pants. I know I could have skipped my workout, but knowing lunchtime was the only time today I could make it happen, I bought pants. They frown upon skipping this item at my gym.

And, my gym doesn't carry just any workout clothes - they have exclusively Lululemon. I love me some Lulu, but, it's just a bit spendy. Anyway, I ended up putting $80 (gasp!!!!) on my gift card & walking out with some seriously cute pants.

I had the best workout yet, because I decided that after that giant investment & breaking my pact, I'd better make it worth it.

No massage in March for me (my reward for not shopping each month), but I'm feeling proud of myself for my excellent workout. Win some/lose some. I'm warning you now that I'm going to buy something else, because I'm in desperate need of a better sports bra.

Two questions for those of you who are runners:
1) I need a better sports bra. Any recommendations? I'm a B/C, and I'm currently rocking a Champion, but it's not doing the trick. I've tried to layer two, but it basically cuts off my circulation, so that's a no go.
2) What's a good/reasonable time to shoot for during your first 5K?

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