Friday, February 4, 2011

2/4 - Fitness & Nutrition Update, or the "Why am I so hungry" post

Let me caveat this by saying. I'm STARVING. All day. It's all I can do not to shovel all of the food in the cafeteria in my face. Today was a horrible day in terms of eating a well balanced diet. Ahem, on that note, here we go:

Weight = 155.6. Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm only 2.6 lbs from my pre-baby #2 weight. Almost there! And, in 11.6 lbs, I'll be within 2 lbs of my total baby weight. (The weight I was at when I got pregnant with my first child).

english muffin + egg + 1/2 laughing cow - 230
coffee + milk + fiber - 30

1 piece cheese - 100
muffin - 180

lasagna - 190
1/2 bag edamame - 80

Snack: (I know - these are horrible choices. It's all I had in my desk drawer. Should have caved & gone & bought fruit, even if it's $3/piece in the cafe).
chex mix - 140
trail mix - 300
baked chips - 140

popcorn. (this is what happens when you're going to skip dinner because you've eaten too much crap during the day. Eventually, you're starving & you cave in & have junk. Lesson learned. Don't. Skip. Meals. Also, don't eat a bunch of crap during the day. You will feel like crap that day & the following)

Total = 1560

25 minute elliptical, level 13
7 minute run

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