Sunday, February 27, 2011

2/27 - Fitness & Nutrition

Weight = 156.8. Up from yesterday, but not worrying about it. Had a great day.

I'll preface my breakfast by saying that I got about 1/2 of my normal sleep, due to N having nightmares & waking up all through the night. I know food is not a replacement for sleep, but I decided to have a big breakfast to hopefully still power a solid workout this morning. *fingers crossed*

1 wheat bagel with peanut butter - 350
fruit - 40
coffee with milk - 30

chicken with pasta - 275
apple - 80

STARVING after my workout, so second lunch:
trail mix - 75
cheese - 100
edamame - 150

1/2 Giada's chicken pastina - 150
2 small pieces of chocolate - 50
wine - 80

subtotal = 1380
fruit/vegetables - 3/4

-20 minutes on treadmill. Forgot a crucial item that I need for longer runs. I'll keep this family friendly, but suffice it to say that I'm a mother of two & didn't want any "pooling" on the treadmill while running. I'm pretty sure that's frowned upon at my gym. :-)
-45 minutes on the bike - high intensity. I cranked up my RPMs after my treadmill disappointment, & hit the bike hard - maintaining my heart rate of 155+ for the entire ride.
-15 minutes of weight training (focusing on arms & core)
-15 minutes of stretching. Used the foam roller to bring some relief to my legs, which were screaming in pain from my bike ride.

The calorie counter on the two cardio pieces said I burned 600+. I was soaking & felt like I had a great workout, so I believe it. Love Sundays & the time to work out harder than normal. :-)

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