Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On not shopping

It's officially been 70 days since I bought myself any shoes, clothes, accessories, or makeup. And, honestly? It's been freeing. I'm wearing clothes I've had in my closet forever, I'm enjoying getting dressed in the morning, I'm loving updating my budget. But, more than that - I'm redefining what "enough" means for me.  I'm not saying I'll never make a frivolous clothing purchase again. In fact, almost all clothing purchases are frivolous, because we could all theoretically survive with like 2 pair of pants and a couple of shirts.

I'm realizing that it's okay to enjoy putting outfits together, browsing and stores, and shopping. As long as I'm conscious of my own behavior, can afford what I'm spending, and not buying as a subsitute for other emotions.

That said, I've tried hard not to start coveting things this early in the process (I'm not buying anything until 2012), but I have thought of a few things I might like next year.

A wrap or hoodie from lululemon. Yum. http://shop.lululemon.com/Savasana_Wrap/pd/c/550/np/550/p/1107.html

A new pair of workout pants:

And, a pair of brown boots:
Sutton tall leather flat boots
Apologies that the first two are not pictures - couldn't get it to work.
If you're embarking on a no spend/spend less challenge, how is it going for you?

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