Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2/15 - Fitness & Nutrition

I'm just going to throw it out there - I'm frustrated. I know that weight loss is a slow process, but I'm ready for progress! Part of my frustration is that this is the longest I've ever been consistent & healthy with a weight loss effort. I'm generally much more up & down. 5 days on plan, 3 days off, 4 days on, 6 days off, etc, etc, etc. I think I've had about 6 days where I've eaten more than 1500 calories in 1 1/2 months, & all of those days were only slightly over. In addition, I'm working out consistently.

I've cosidered dropping my calories to 1400, but I'm not very excited about it. I may reconsider if I want to move things along faster, just to stay motivated. More on that later.

Weight = 156.4

1/2 wheat bagel + 1/2 laughing cow + egg - 245
coffee + milk + fiber - 30

banana muffin - 180
1 piece cheese - 100

2 pieces "healthy" barbecue chicken pizza - 300
edamame - 150

frozen yogurt + 1 tbsp mini m&ms - 100

cottage cheese - 100
roasted sweet potato - 150
Total = 1355

No workout :-(

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  1. Awwww, don't worry. These things take time. And don't forget that you're also building muscle while you exercise, and muscles weigh more.

    It's very inspirational that you've kept it up. My new years' goal is to get in better shape, and I still haven't done much. *sigh*