Monday, February 28, 2011

End of February Net Worth Update

I updated all of my trackers & adjusted our net worth links based on February 28th numbers. Here are the highlights/lowlights:

-We continue to invest in our 401Ks each month, as well as pay down our 401K loans. The market has been pretty eratic, so I think we're about even this month.
-We countinue to pay down our two mortgages, slightly ahead of schedule due to extra payments.

-Our stock options declined in value again, second month running.

Net result:
Quick summary is that we had no major highlights or lowlights this month, with one exception that I will mention but isn't reflected yet (still waiting for the funds to clear). Due to some unexpected income for M, I'll be paying off my 401K loan this week! This is the best news ever, as it will pay off around $41K of a current liability, and that money will be immediately be funneled into an asset (the 401K). It's a win/win. Love it! Aside from that, our net worth is pretty much the same from last month.

Our net worth as of the end of February is $812,110, which is up $8,606 from last month. Can't wait to see the big change next month based on the 401K loan payoff!


  1. So you paid off the $7,921 I see in the sidebar, right? I got a little confused when I read "$41k" in the post... Congratulations! Keep up the great work and accountability. :)

  2. I haven't updated the sidebar, because I'm waiting for the funds to get credited by the bank. Generally takes one pay cycle (aka two weeks). Sorry if that was confusing. Once the bank has funded everything, I'll have paid off my entire loan, so $49,500 in total over the life time, and $41K from the current balance.