Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weight Loss Goals

I'm feeling like I've been stuck in the same 5 pound gain/loss cycle for a while now, & it's time to break free!

Today I'm at 161.2, after my vacation. My goal is to hit 153 pounds by Thanksgiving. As background, 153 was how much I weighed when I got pregnant with my second child, so it's definitely a milestone for me.

Current 10/12 - 161.2
Goal by 10/18 - 159
Goal by 10/25 - 157
Goal by 11/1 - 156
Goal by 11/8 - 154.5
Goal by 11/15 - 153.5
Goal by 11/25 - 153!

My reward for hitting this goal will be getting a massage during my time off over Thanksgiving. Also, you'll note that I've stacked more of the weight loss in the first few weeks, as my weight is hopefully a little out of whack from my trip. I'm expecting to be able to lose the first couple of pounds more quickly than the last few pounds.

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