Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10/12/10 - Fitness Update

Weight - 161.2. Not great, but my first day back from vacation. My next big goal is to hit 153 by Thanksgiving. I'm going to create mini goals as well.

My goals for today are to get back to healthier eating & to work out. I did bring my workout gear on vacation, & didn't end up using it. However, I walked a ton. A ton. A ton, on the trip. :-) We ate extremely well, and had a blast. I feel okay about the eating - it was certainly more than I normally eat, but I didn't go crazy. I also shopped & enjoyed myself, but didn't spend more than planned. Also, I want $340 or something, which is always nice. I spent about $100 on last minute stuff - meals at the airport, book for the plane, etc & will be adding $200 toward my snowball. Yeah!

  • 1/2 a wheat pita (110) + egg (80) + tomato (20) = 210
  • coffee with milk - 20
  • Cashews & almonds - 100
  • Turkey sandwich on homemade bread (no cheese, but with mayo) - 500
  • Apple - 60
  • Penne with bolognese sauce - 500
Total = 1390

No workout today. Work has been nuts since coming back from vacation. I need to find a new way to squeeze in workouts - likely getting up earlier & getitng it done before work. Otherwise, things inevitably come up during the day & I end up having to skip my workout.

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