Sunday, October 17, 2010

Spending report - 10/11-10/17

Monday - No spend day.
Tuesday - $6.00 for a book at the library. In my decades of library use, I've never once lost a library book. . . until now. Spending $6 for a book I didn't even read (no, no, no clue what happened to it) smarts a bit. $5.37 at the grocery store for bread & cooking oil. $16 for lunch with a friend. She treated last time, so I bought lunch today. And, now I'm reminded why I don't bring my wallet to the office. On the way back from lunch, we stopped into Anthropolgie. It was my first time inside, so I checked out the sales rack & found an absolutely gorgeous skirt for $9.95 -with tax, $10.90. The price was right, but it was definitely an impulse buy. Spendy day!
Wedensday - No spend day.
Thursday - $80.91 - groceries at Costco.
Friday - No spend day.
Saturday - $13.47 at Trader Joes for breaded chicken, an amazing hummus (impulse buy) with cilantro & jalapeno. A-Mazing. They had it as a sample & it was fabulous. $39.95 at the liquor store for Cointreau (cosmo-fixings). $24.15 at Cash & Carry for a few other groceries.
Sunday - About $100 on clothes for my oldest son. I was desperate. He's extremely, extremely hard to fit because he's reasonably tall & very thin, & most pants that are long enough for him don't fit in the waist. I ended up finding pants that fit at the Gap (their Slim line) & bought 3 pair of pants, a few pair of Slim shorts for next summer that were clearanced to $5 each, and a few shirts, as he doesn't have much in the size he just moved up to. The Gap does not exactly have cheap kids jeans ($34 regular price!), but they were having a sale today, so it wasn't totally a loss.

Total for the week = $296.75 - a few impulse purchases in their, but overall, not to bad.

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