Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February Goal Wrap Up

February was a more difficult month than January - it was both a shorter month, & we were on vacation for 4 days. I feel like I need to re-energize to get back on track for March. However, I am going to be paying off about $40K of debt in the next week or so (it was ready in February, but I need to wait for the funds to clear), which will pay off my 401K loan. That is, by far, the best part of the month. Super excited for that. I think the hardest part for me in February is that I lost .8 of a pound. That's it. I was even yesterday, but weighed myself this am & I was down .8 of a pound from February 1st. That's pretty much a heart breaker for me. Enough about that - I've spent plenty of emotional energy on it, & the only thing to do now is dust myself off & focus on ways to change that in March. AND I WILL.

1) No shopping for clothes, shoes, or makeup for myself. Also, no shopping for the kids unless I've already checked their closets & it's something they need (no impulse shopping). - Fail. As noted, in this post, I went to the gym to work out & forgot my pants. I have minimal guilt about this. I'm back on track for this month, but do plan to buy a better sports bra for running. Again, no guilt about this. :-)

2) Keep variable monthly expenses to $1750. - I think we were close, but I didn't track while we were on vacation. Most of our food expenses were already covered, but it's possible that I spent some time at the spa while we were there. We haven't done a very thorough job of detailing where vacation spending comes from, so for now, I'll consider this a semi-success for February. I'll work on the vacation spending going forward to make sure it's all properly accounted for.

3) Save all extra money in my 401K payoff fund. By the end of January, have $12,000 in my 401K snowball fund. - I more than exceeded this goal, thanks to some unexpected income from M. I will have this loan paid off (all $49,500 of it!) in the next week or so. Can't wait!!

4) Log 500 minutes of cardio workouts in February. This should be easy with my ski lessons.-  Achieved! I completed 514 minutes of cardio in February. This is lower than January for a few reasons - shorter month, fewer ski lessons due to poor conditions, and I was on vacation for a few days. Overall, I'm proud that I managed to deliver these numbers for the month.

5) Log 150 minutes of strength training in February. Fail. :-( I only completed 45 minutes of strength training in February, which is even worse than January. Epic fail - I really need to focus on this. 

6) Log 100 minutes of stretching in February. Fail. I only completed 50 minutes of stretching in February. I had originally planned to take pilates or yoga classes, & it never happened. This needs to get kicked into gear in March, and in fact, I've already started adding classes to my calendar.

7) Organize & clean my closet & bedroom - I achieved 1/2 of this - I cleaned & organized my bedroom, but no my closet. Shivers. That's quite a project, so it will be my goal for March.

8) Have one date with M. - Achieved! We went on vacation together, which is like one big extended date. It was fabulous!

9) Get together with two friends. Semi-fail. I had one get lunch, but my other lunch got moved out to yesterday, so it went into March.
10) Create a list of 20 favorite meals. Semi-fail. I'm at 15 right now, so although I added to the list, I didn't hit 20. I think I was overly ambitious for a short month where we were on vacation. :-)

11) Complete a 2010 family photo album. Fail. Did even start on this.

12) Read two books. Achieved! I read 6 books this month.

13) Pack lunch (or eat at home) 16 times this month.- Honestly, I didn't track this & we were on vacation for a few days, but I'm pretty sure I failed at this.

14) Track all spending. Fail. I was doing great until we went on vacation.

15) Have 10 no spend days. - Fail. Again, I think I was overly ambitious for a short month where we were on vacation. :-) I had 5 no spend days in February.

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