Sunday, March 20, 2011

Menu Plan Sunday (3/20/11)

Lunches:Generally I take leftovers from the night before, plus add things like: edamame, fruit, vegetables + hummus, & nuts. Today I also made a healthy version of egg salad for my lunches (eggs, fat free greek yogurt, celery, mustard, pickles, salt & pepper). I plan to bring that with vegetables, crackers, etc. this week.

I baked banana wheat germ muffins for M's breakfasts. He's a huge muffin fan. :-)

Sunday - Homemade tacos
Monday -Italian baked chicken and pastina (from the freezer - I always make two of this dish)
Tuesday - Baked tilapia & sweet corn risotto (from the feezer - I made the risotto a few weeks ago & stashed the leftovers in the freezer) 
Wednesday - Baked shells with pesto, mozzarella & meat sauce (from the freezer - I made this last week & it makes a huge quantity)
Thursday  - M is out of town. I'll have grilled chicken on a salad.
Friday - M is out of town. I'll have any remaining leftovers or grilled chicken salad.
Saturday - We'll be out of town.
Sunday - Salads with balsamic chicken (we skip the dressing/bacon part & use our own) -

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