Sunday, March 13, 2011

Menu Plan Sunday (3/13/11)

Lunches:Generally I take leftovers from the night before, plus add things like: edamame, fruit, vegetables + hummus, & nuts.

I improvised a lot last week & made the balsamic chicken into spinach salads several times last week. As a result, you will see a few items reappearing on this week's menu.

Sunday - Giada's crunchy parmesan chicken tenders on top of a spinach salad.
Monday -Italian baked chicken and pastina (from the freezer - I always make two of this dish)
Tuesday - Baked tilapia & sweet corn risotto (from the feezer - I made the risotto a few weeks ago) 
Wednesday - Chicken Dijonnaise (Williams Sonoma French cookbook)
Thursday  - Our son's birthday. The birthday person always gets to pick the meal the night of their birthday, & he's opted for going out for Greek food. :-) Smart boy.
Friday - Baked shells with pesto, mozzarella & meat sauce (from the freezer - I made this last week & it makes a huge quantity)
Saturday - Having a little family get together to celebrate my baby turning four. We're going out for pizza.
Sunday - leftover pizza (if there is any). If not, pepperoni casserole from the freezer.

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