Monday, March 28, 2011

Taxes & other miscellany

Sorry I've been off track with my posting lately. I was out of town for a couple of days, busy doing our taxes, & trying to get our summer planned out. I've just discovered that our preschool will be closed in August. Hmmmmmm.. . . That should make childcare very interesting this summer. I've looked into other possibilities, but so far they are all half day programs & we need something full time. Another day, another challenge.

I must admit. . . I have not been tracking my spending this month, and judging by my credit card statement, that's caught up with me. I haven't made any huge purchases (still on the clothing/shoes/makeup spending ban for the year), but the money is definitely trickling out at a faster rate than I would like. Now is the time for me to get back on the wagon & change that. Tracking is important for me to feel like we're spending our money on things that we value, versus spending it mindlessly & frivolously.

On that note, we owe nearly $10K in taxes. Yikes. M & I are going to discuss options for paying that tonight. Always a good time.

I'll be back with my end of the month wrap up shortly. Hope the beginning of spring is treating you all very well!

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  1. It's always nice to start fresh with finances. At least April is already this Friday! Interested to see how you will come up with $10k for taxes, that should def be a fun time lol.

    Oh and I don't run for 2 hours at a time... 2 miles :)