Saturday, March 5, 2011

3/5 - Fitness & Nutrition

Q&A - what are your weekend plans? We're taking the boys to soccer this morning, they desperately need hair cuts for their shaggy manes, & then we're having a date night tonight. :-) Not sure what we're going to do with our four hours of freedom, but I'm sure it will be fun! M is taking S (our oldest) skiing tomorrow & I'm going to the gym with N (our little guy, who is not into skiing yet). Hope you all have a producting, fun, & relaxing weekend!

Weight = 153.8. Progress! Finally! Only .8 lbs from my pre-baby #2 weight. And, I've officially lost more than half of the weight (I started at 180, & my goal is 130). I've lost 26.2 pounds. Woo!! When I hear that number, I automatically think of a marathon. . . and this process has certainy been that. :-)

I'm a terrible, awful photographer, but I'm thinking of trying to get better so that I can start mixing in actual photos of what I can eat, rather than just a boring list. I hope that will mix things up a bit & not make the nutritiona updates so painfu to read. :-)

high fiber wrap + egg + 1 tbsp cheese + salsa - 220
banana - 110
coffee + milk + fiber - 30

Pre run lunch:
cottage cheese - 100
2/3 package of edamame - 100
1 pc wheat toast with peanut butter - 230

trail mix - 100

1/2 burger (no bun) + 7 fries + beet salad - 500
wine - 160

Total = 1550

36 minute run/walk outside. Lots of hills. 3.2 miles. Now I just need to figure out how to not pee my pants on the last stretch. Good times. 36 minutes is 2 minutes under my previous low for my 5K training. Next up is 35 minutes - going to try for it tomorrow on the treadmill. I only felt like I might hurl on two of the hills, which is an improvement from the last time I ran after lunch. :-)

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