Thursday, March 3, 2011

3/3 - Fitness & Nutrition

Q&A - What is your favorite flavor of nutrition bars (Lara, Luna, etc). I'm currently in love with the Luna White Chocolate Macadamia Nut. I try & eat mostly whole foods, but if I'm going to miss a meal or need a big snack, this is fabulous. YUM.

Weight = 155.8. I briefly saw 154 flicker on the scale this morning. ;-)

1 piece wheat toast + egg + 1/2 laughing cow - 180
coffee + milk + fiber - 30
plum - 30

Greek yogurt - 110
1/2 luna bar - 85

Healthy veggie pizza from the gym - 375

carrots + hummus - 100

Balsamic chicken salad (homemade, small serving of cottage cheese as dressing)- 300
cashews - 80
Wine - 80

Total = 1370
Fruits/Vegetables = 2/6

50 minute workout class that focused on strength training & cardio. I loved it & I am so sore that my entire body is shaking. Nice! That means I will definitely be back. :-)


  1. do not try the luna bar smores. It does not taste like smores. I was sooo disappointed!

  2. I will avoid - thanks! I've actually seen those at the stores & been tempted, so good to know that they're not worth it. I'm a fan of all things chocolate, so that's a bummer.
    I used to love the luna cakes, before they stopped making them. Just sweet enough to make you feel like you were having a real treat. :-)