Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3/2 - Fitness & Nutrition

Q&A - where is your favorite vacation spot? Mine is a toss up. We love the Oregon coast for casual, family vacations. We adore Las Vegas for glitzier adult-only trips, and Hawaii is my hands down favorite place to go. It's not too far from Seattle, but we're generally only away from the kids for a long weekend, which is a no go for that long of a flight. What about you?

Weight = 155.4 Down. Finally. :-) 2.4 lbs from the weight I was at when I got pregnant with my second child. Woo!

I also wanted to say this about my weight - I'm feeling much better about my lack of progress. Not that I'm giving up or not working hard at losing weight, but I want to recognize that I am feeling so good right now - I'm feeding my body good food, I'm working out, & I have a ton of energy. Being healthy is my number 1 goal. The number on the scale has too much power in my life, so I'm going to try hard to change that & focus on other factors.

In other news, M knows just how to cheer me up. He bought me a bunch of fun stuff at Lululemon, to encourage me in my workouts. Love that guy. :-)

1/2 wheat bagel with natural peanut butter - 220
1 plum - 40
coffee + milk + fiber - 30

greek yogurt - 100

Lunch (out with M):
1/4 grilled chicken sandwich + 10 fries - 250
1/2 grilled vegetable salad - 200

Edamame - 150
2/3 serving corn risotto - 250
1 small piece baked tilapia - 75

Total = 1315
Fruits/Vegetables = 1/6

Workout (this morning! Finally got up early enough to squeeze it in):
20 minutes walking on the treadmill - level 4.2, elevation 2.0. I was incredibly dehydrated (jumped on the treadmill as soon as I was up), which was a mistake. My heart was racing big time. I kept the workout short, but need to figure out improvements going forward so I can be hydrated but not get a side ache (what normally happens if I drink right before I run) in the mornings.

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