Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekly Spending (2/28-3/6)

I've gotten a bit off track with my weekly spending, due to our vacation, but I'm back & ready to rumble this week.

My goal for 2011 is to keep my monthly flexible spending (i.e. what I charge on my credit card & includes: groceries, dining out, gifts, clothes, lessons for the kids, etc) to $1750/month. This nets out to around $58/day, which is pretty eye opening. I am regularly overspending the $1750/month, so I need to start keeping a close eye on this figure. Keeping the monthly spending in check is a critical part of paying off my 401K loan in 2011.

-$.29 at Rite Aid. I picked up three rolls of dental floss that were $1/each & I had a $1 coupon for all three. The $.29 is the tax.

-$63.48 on flowers for my Grandmother & Mom. Lots of hard things happening as my parents deal with both of their parents rapidly aging & facing dementia all at the same time. My mom is carrying most of the burden for this, despite her siblings. My dad, luckily, has a brother in the area that is also helping, but lots of emotions & heartache right now.
-$6.75 at Safeway for a few items for lunch (Greek yogurt, protein bar) & sweet potatoes for home.
$26.57 at Trader Joes for lunch items/snacks for the office & a few bags of pasta for home.

-Lunch at Nordstrom using points (free)
-$5 at the grocery stores for a few Vitamin Water Zeros (they are my fun treat)

-$32.32 at Fred Meyer for pasta, risotto, & Luna bars.

-$34.64 at Rite Aid. Picked up nail polish so I can give myself a manicure at home, and a few makeup items that are free after rebate. I should be getting back $24 after the rebate.

-$86 -Dry cleaner
-$50 on hair cuts/tip for the boys
-$130 for dinner out. Date night.

-$18.83 at Fred Meyer for Zbars (kids) + greek yogurt + apples
-$31.79 for pizza. (Will be enough for 2 dinners + a lunch or two)

Total spent for the week = $453.35. Total average spent per day = $64.76. Yikes. An expensive week. The dry cleaner was about 6x our normal bill & date night was a bit more than planned. We need to get in some No Spend days this week. :-)

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