Monday, November 29, 2010

The long overdue financial update

*shiver* Not excited to write this all out, but I suppose that's the most obvious sign that I need to. I have been spending more money than needed, pretty much for the past couple of months. Buying gifts for the holidays seems to set off this massive consumerism *buy, buy, buy* trigger in my head. It's not pretty.

I think that next year, I'm going to skip Black Friday shopping & plan a spa day. I'll still come out ahead, financially. In terms of buying gifts for others, I'm mostly on track for meeting my goals. However, I've bought myself & the kids way too (clothing). I need to return a lot of stuff, but the damage is much more than I had hoped to spend. Just checked my credit card statements. YIKES.

I also want to update my tickers/side bars, so that's on my agenda. Isn't it interesting that when things fall apart with my eating, they also do with the finances? For whatever reason, the two seem to go hand in hand.

I'm not entirely sure I can fully explain what caused either, but I will say that work has been incredibly stressful lately. More so than the usual stress. I'm looking at a new job, and may have an interview as soon as next week. Crossing my fingers that pans out, as getting a new job would be a huge win for my stress levels.

I'm going to be incorporating more financial updates regularly, so look for those!

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