Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ambitions for December

I haven't done monthly goals in a while, & I really need the accountability. November & December tend to be two months of indulgence for me, so I'm feeling highly motivated to put pen to paper (or rather, fingers to keyboard) & set out specific goals for the month. I'm also working on  my 2011 goals, which I find exciting to set. I'm a planner like that. :-)

Lose Weight:
  • Lose 9 pounds by the end of the month. My current weight is 162, so this will bring me to 153 - my official weight before I got pregnant with my second child.
  • Eat 1500 calories/day (averaged weekly).
  • Workout 24 times. This is very ambitious, but I'm at 126 workouts for the year, & my goal is to hit 150 for 2010.
  • Spend $700 or less on food.
  • Stick to my budget for the month.
  • Create & follow weekly menu plans.
  • Use up 5 random items from the pantry/freezer or donate them.
  • Create a 401K loan payoff plan.
  • Get a new job. :-)
  • Go through the boys toys & books to make room for holiday gifts.
  • Organize/declutter my closet & drawers
  • Organize/declutter the master bathroom

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